Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing Aevyn Abigail

I don't think I ever blogged about being pregnant but I guess it's a little too late for that now :) I had gestational diabetes during pregnancy and so because of that and a few other things I was considered high risk. I had to go for non stress tests every tuesday and ultra sounds every friday from 33 weeks on. Of course my very first non stress test was while Ken was in Virginia and it didn't go well. The baby was showing signs of distress and so they admitted me to the hospital for further observation. The doctors kept saying I was probably having the baby today and I told them it isn't an option because my husband is out of town!! I ended up being in the hospital for 8 hours but they determined the baby was okay and so let me go home. I told Ken he better get home asap ;) For 3 more weeks she barely passed her tests and ultrasounds but we dragged it out as long as we could. But at 36 weeks and 6 days the doctor decided we couldn't wait any longer and scheduled a C Section. Now those who know me, know that I have always said I want a natural birth and so was devistated when the Dr said he wouldn't even let me try for a natural delivery. He felt the baby wouldn't be able to handle the stress of labor so C Section was the safest bet. I was devistated but what ever is best for the baby so we scheduled the surgery for the next day. I had a lot of concerns with a C Section but it could not have gone any more perfect. We had the best team and Ken was able to stay with me the entire time. Here I am getting ready for the spinal block. Almost time!! The morphine made me really sick and I spent most of the time during surgery and 24 hours after throwing up. Not fun but other than that it went great. I had them put a mirror up so I could see the baby actually be born. And here she is Aevyn Abigail Mullan born 12:45 10/28/11 6 lbs 7 oz 19 inches long. And I insisted they bring her to me asap so I could see her. It was only for a second but it was wonderful. They had to rush her off though because she was in respitory distress and went straight to the NICU. Ken was with her the whole time which I was grateful for. They wheeled me into the NICU on the way to my room but I was really sick so don't remember much of it. And I continued to be sick so didn't actually get to go and see her for almost 9 hours :( It was so nice to finally actually hold my baby!! Though it didn't last long as you can see from my pale face that I had to hand her to Ken because I was sick again :( Thankfully once the morphine was out of my system I felt 100% better so was able to go to the NICU every 3 hours to feed her. It was exhausting but we felt blessed that she was getting better and better. She was able to get off the oxygen for a time but once she started eating she forgot how to breath and had to go back on the oxygen. I was released from the hospital the following Tuesday and it was really hard to leave without her. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though because we continued to go to the hospital every 3 hours to feed her so not much changed other than the distance, which was even more tiring. We went for all but the 2 and 5 am feedings. But after the first day and me feeling ready to collapse, we decided for our health we would skip the 11 pm feeding too. :( It was really hard but it was for the best. Aevyn's bed in the NICU. This was our view during feedings. Donovan had a bit of a hard time because he wasn't able to see her in the NICU. Children weren't allowed in there and so he only got a glimpse of her for a minute in the nursery right after she was born. The NICU nurses allowed us to wheel the baby to the nursery window so Donovan could see her. He was so excited. Finally 6 days after her birth they determined that she could go home. She was still on oxygen so we had to "room in" at the hospital. We stayed in a room adjacent to the NICU and were able to have the baby in with us. Someone came and went over the oxygen and monitors that they would be sending her home with so we were prepared. We also had to take a CPR class. It was so wonderful to finally have our baby with us even if we were still at the hospital. The nurse came in a few times during the night just to check her temp but other than that she was all ours! And we brought Donovan up for a few minutes so he could finally hold his baby sister. Happy Family together at last!! :) The next morning I was so excited to finally take my baby home. I felt so blessed that we only spent a week in the NICU as Aevyn had many tiny friends in there with her that had a long stay ahead of them. The nurses were amazing but we were happy to be leaving and hope to never see them again! :) When we got in the car I told Ken to hurry and drive away before they tried to stop us :) It was a dramatic entrance but she is the best most beautiful baby ever and we are enjoying every minute!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally some play time!!

So we were finally able to squeeze in some time to take the 4 wheelers out for the first time the end of June. We went with Kristian and Jamie and stayed the night up Monte Cristo. Some of Kristians friends met us up there as well so we had a ton of people and toys :) Here is Jerzie modeling her helmet :) It looks huge but is actually the right size :) We got up there MUCH later than we wanted so we didn't even bother pitching our tents. We just unloaded the 4 wheelers and hit the trail while there was still daylight. It was awesome driving around on the trails until I was going inbetween some trees and I guess there was a root sticking out which grabbed my wheel. I wasn't ready for it so it whipped the handle bars right out of my hands and into my stomach!! Not want you want to happen ever but especially when pregnant. It was high up though so I felt lucky. It jammed my thumb and bruised my stomach but lesson learned I now know to have a tight grip! (on a side note when we got home we went to the doctor just to make sure everything was good and of course it was. She waived to us and was sucking her thumb ;) ) I got over the shock and we headed off on some more trails. Here is Chloe taking a turn driving :) We found this giant bowl and Jamie and Chloe went around and off on the trail but Kristian decided to try his hand at the steep hill. Knowing now he wouldn't have done it so early until he got to know his 4 wheeler a little better but that's too late now since he got about halfway up and stopped. Donovan and I stopped to watch and I wish I would have had my camera out but I was nervous for him so just stared. He needed to shift to a lower gear to make it up but the 4 wheeler has a few quirks and add that all together and you get the front end of the 4 wheeler coming up and over and tumbling down the hill on top of Kristian!!!! It was horrifying to watch but Kristian did some amazing ninja moves to keep the atv from completely crushing him. I thought it had missed him entirely but after the fact we realized it had knicked his forehead. Af first we thought it was dirt in the wound but then figured he got scalped a little and it was his hair!! Gross! This is the wound a few days later. Luckily nothing too serious since he was getting married in a few days. Shouldn't ruin the pictures ;) He was more concerned about the 4 wheeler and was able to stop it from flipping again and got it down the hill. I thought it was going to run him over but again some ninja awesomeness and he was fine. The 4 wheeler however wasn't. The handle bars were crushed and he couldn't get it to start. Luckily both turned out okay. We were able to uncrunch the handle and start it up and still ride the rest of the weekend. Kristian was more sick about the thought that he had ruined his new toy. I was almost throwing up at almost seeing my brother be badly injured or killed!! It all turned out okay but that was enough for the day for me. Everyone kept riding while I went back to camp and set up the tent and worked up the courage to get back on the 4 wheeler again ;) I did the next day and we enjoyed our time. And here I was worrying that it would be Ken to get hurt since he has a huge new bike and not much experience. But he did awesome and no injuries! Now we all are a little smarter and safer while riding so we can enjoy our toys for a long time. Can't wait for some more trips!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Wheels!!

Ken and I have been talking for a while now about getting some toys. We decided that the most responsible thing to do would be to wait until we get our tax return next year and get some 4 wheelers. Well my brother decided to sell his jet ski and buy 4 wheelers instead. I begged him to wait as our plan was to get some next year but he wasn't having it. Within a week he had his bought and we couldn't stand the thought of going camping with them this summer without us having our toys too. So our plan went out the window and we started looking for what we wanted. Lucky for us our neighbor was selling his trailer which was perfect for us. I found a 4 wheeler that I liked and Ken went and bought it the next day. I love it. Camping is going to be soooo fun!!!!! Donovan wasn't home when we got it so we had fun showing him what we got. Not sure how there are no pictures of me on it.... probably because I am the one holding the camera all the time. My parents stopped by the other day and my Mum actually tried it out. I was impressed. She was scared to death thinking she was going to run something over because we were just in the front yard but at least she tried :) Then Ken found what he was looking for. He wanted a dirt bike because he thought he could have more fun. When he brought it home I was really nervous. That thing is huge!!!!!!!!!!! But he is sooo excited :) Good thing he has awesome life insurance ;) But we are really happy with what we got and are looking forward to going camping with Kristian and his family :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Girls Weekend!!!!

Ken was out of town this weekend and I made some plans with the girls. Friday Stacie and I planned a girls day with her 3 little girls. We started out with pedicures for us all. The girls were so cute and enjoyed the pampering. Of course us big girls enjoyed it too. They turned out pretty cute! Then we went to Red Robin for dinner. Brandi met us there and brought Monica Merrill. Monica lived in our ward growing up and Stacie and I were figuring that we haven't actually seen her for over 13 years!!! Thank goodness for facebook that allows you to reconnect with people :) It was so fun catching up with her. And of course we took some pictures. Always a good time! :) Then we went to the movies and saw Rio. The movie was really cute and we had a wonderful day!! Then on Saturday we had planned to get together for lunch with all the girls. Sadly Amber Amy and Destini didn't make it but we made the best of it :) And I can't believe I forgot that I had my camera until Sara had left :( After lunch Brandi stopped by so we took Austin to see the new Pirates movie. It was really good and I love hanging out with my girlfriends. Thanks everyone!! Love ya!!! :)